Play-to-Earn Isn’t New

Affyn’s Chief Development Officer, Mr Dennis Wan.

Who is Dennis Wan?

Having battle-tested in trenches of development right up to the war rooms of publishing in companies like Konami, Bushiroad and Gumi, Dennis spearheaded the development of various games collaboratively with Square-Enix, Nintendo and Disney. Today, he is the Chief Development Officer of Affyn.

Play-to-Earn Isn’t New!

Dennis explains — Picture this, you’re huddling over in front of your gaming device, running instances over and over in your favourite MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), to get the latest and best gear available. So you can join your guild to take on the latest raids. Alas, the epic sword you have been seeking still eludes you. Or worse still, has been won by the annoying PUG (pick up group) teammate who didn’t really contribute much.

  1. Leveller-for-hire: Need to hit a higher level, but don’t have the time? Hire a leveller who will play and power up your character for you!
  2. Mercenary-dungeon-runner: Dungeon too tough? An overpowered Mercenary will join your party for a fee and blow through the challenge for you! And you keep the loot!
  3. Farm Bot: Some games were able to be “botted”, allowing players to script a bot that will play for you automatically, farming items you need. For a fee, you could buy a bot or get one built for you!
  4. Accounts for sale: Want to join your friends in their game, but they’ve already been playing for months? Ready, powered-up accounts for sale can be easily found for all kinds of games!
  5. And many more!

Play-to-Earn is more like Work-to-Earn?

But at the end of the day, what do such examples of Play-to-Earn resemble? Everyday you clock in, repeat the most profitable actions over and over, only taking breaks for a quick meal or bodily functions. As more and more competition arises, the value of your gold drops, and you have to spend a longer time farming to get the same profit.

The Time is Here Again

Dennis pretty much called the mobile explosion when he gave up his comfortable lecturing job to dive back into the industry when gaming on smartphones were starting to come together. And he said that the time is here again, with the advent of blockchain gaming.



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