We are delighted to announce our partnership with French Hunters Ventures.

French Hunters Ventures is a group of investors focused on cutting-edge crypto innovations, providing ambitious teams with marketing support, community development and funding. French Hunters Ventures is made of partners passionate about blockchains and their possible real-world applications. It supports companies and startups in terms of marketing, community development and financially investing in them to help them reach their true potential.

“FHV is excited to join Affyn’s team in their journey to build disrupting metaverse experiences. Gaming will certainly fast-track the adoption of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, thus Affyn’s positioning is clearly within a long term trend we are just starting to envision. FHV will side with Affyn as it brings fantastic products to life!” — French Hunters Ventures

You can find out more about French Hunters Ventures at

About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company building an integrated ecosystem with a Play-to-Earn Metaverse where the virtual and real world converge. FYN token will be the official blockchain utility token which users can earn and utilize within the ecosystem.



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Affyn Official

We are a startup in Singapore who wants to remind people of what's truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.