We are delighted to announce our partnership with Connectico Capital.

Founded in 2018, Connectico Capital is a community based project incubator for blockchain start-ups. It has supported over 50 early stage projects, with a total of more than $10million investment.

“Connectico Capital is proud to announce a new partnership with Affyn a blockchain project aiming at revolutionizing the gaming industry. Among many other fields, gaming is one of the most promising industries where blockchain technology and decentralization can bring many exciting developments. Affyn is definitely a project that is able to take advantage of the huge opportunities of the industry. As one of the most renowned blockchain investment communities, Connectico Capital is looking for the next game changers, therefore we happily support Affyn with not only funds, but our extensive network and strong community as well.” — Connectico Capital

Here’s a post where Connectico Capital posted about Affyn previously

About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company building an integrated ecosystem with a Play-to-Earn Metaverse where the virtual and real world converge. FYN token will be the official blockchain utility token which users can earn and utilize within the ecosystem.

We are a startup in Singapore who wants to remind people of what's truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.