A playful ape-like species that hatch from eggs and live in trees. Weak while young, they continue to wear the bottom half of the egg shell to protect themselves from predators that attack from below. The shell peels off fully by the time they become adults, able to protect themselves with their powerful arm strength.


An amphibian sporting a solid back. It can stay unmoving for days on end, camouflaging in ponds until the water stagnates. It then feasts on any insects that seek to lay their eggs in stagnant water. It seems that Chukwas do not age and can live forever.


Pigasi, like bumblebees, defy all known laws of physics with their tiny wings somehow able to keep them afloat. Opportunistic omnivores, they hover from tree to tree, gorging on fruit until they become too heavy to fly and retire for the day.


A curious species unique to Nexus. They are essentially sentient collections of crystals and minerals unique to Nexus. Without a doubt, they are living creatures despite lacking biological traits.


This adorable creature is a true marvel of a discovery. One might think this lion-like creature’s closest relative from our world would be something akin to a cat or a dog, but here’s the shocker: It seems to be a type of plant!


Amphibious dragons with startling swimming speeds. They are territorial, lone hunters, and can somehow designate territory boundaries in the deep ocean alongside other Nessies. Against larger threats or schools of prey, they are also able to strategize and collaborate on the fly, signifying impressive degrees of intelligence. They are the unparalleled apex predator of the Nexus sea.


A rotund mammal with an impenetrable hide. Their bodies are pliable and elastic, able to retain almost 98% of kinetic energy, allowing them to squash and stretch limitlessly and bounce about with ferocity. With a powerful enough launch, they can continue bouncing in a straight line at the speed of a car.

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We are a startup in Singapore who wants to remind people of what's truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.